Biology: Sustainable Ecosystems

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SNC - 1D1: Unit 17 Mind Map - Biology

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Biology: Sustainable Ecosystems
1 Ecosystems
1.1 What begins and continues all ecosystems are the primary producers. The very beginning of the food chain relies on the production of food from the primary producers, who then pass on energy and nutrients all the way down the food chain.
1.1.1 Primary Producer: The Sun
1.2 An ecosystem is all of the interacting parts of a biological community and it's physical environment within a given area.
1.3 Ecosystems are stable, and not rigid. This means that they react to major changes in the enviroment, but not too much to completely change the ecosystem and everything about them. For example, the major rainforests. As the temperature changes, they change (from the texture of the soil, to the leaves on the trees,
2 Energy
2.1 When a primary consumer eats a primary producer, some of it's energy is transferred from the producer to the consumer
2.2 Some of it is used for body processes, some of it for the energy is used for active processes (what the consumer does actively), and some of it is stored for later (as fat).
3 Pollution
3.1 Pollution is any substance added to the environment that produces a condition that is harmful to organisms. One example of pollution is solid waste that cannot be recycled or decomposed.
3.1.1 Another form of pollution is air pollution. One of the most important pollutants worldwide is human-produced carbon dioxide gas. Automobiles, airplanes, power plants, and factories all emit carbon dioxide.
4 Climate Change
4.1 Climate change is a cause of loss of biodiversity around the world. Climate is the average weather conditions that occur in a region over a span of 30 years or more. When climate change occurs in a region, average temperatures may rise or fall, the amount of rainfall may increase or decrease, and even general wind directions may change
4.2 If species are to survive through periods of climate change, individuals must be able to adapt to the new conditions. However, climate change is currently being driven by a process called global warming, which is an increase in Earth’s average temperature, caused partly by an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
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