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1 IT Covers 2/3of earth
2 Oceanic Waters
2.1 Formed of ocean water and salty water
2.1.1 Oceans: Atlantic, Pacific, India and Glacial Arctic. Formed of waves, tides, and currents. Tides: Movement of the sea cause by the sun and moon Currents: Displacements of big masses of water in oceans that are originated from temperatures, amount of salt water, the density of the water rotation inland, and wind. 2 types of waves: Swing and translation Waves It does a circular movement that when it reaches the edge of the sea breaks and become in translation wave.
3 Continental Waters
3.1 Formed by rivers, lakes, glaciers, and underground waters.
3.1.1 Rivers: Current of water originally formed from rain, thaws, and the drain of rivers. When the river drain it have 3 steps: Upper stage: Come from the mountains. Second stage: The slope lowers and come out of the mountain. Lower stage: Find its closest zone to its mountain.
4 Know as water.
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