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Summary of Mumbai and a few similarities to Sheffield

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1 Changes/ Future
1.1 Government wants to make improvements to Dharavi
1.1.1 Better sanitation
1.1.2 Better schools
1.2 Council wants to remove the slums
1.2.1 To be replaced with high rise housing Offices Shops Entertainment
2 Links to Sheffield
2.1 Tata steel
2.1.1 Based in Mumbai
2.1.2 Factory in Sheffield
2.2 University
2.2.1 Sheffield promotes itself in mumbai
2.3 Tertiary jobs
2.3.1 call centres
2.4 National parks
2.4.1 Sanjay gandhi
2.4.2 Peak
3 Human features
3.1 Largest and richest city in India
3.1.1 20 million people
3.2 Adult literacy rate of 61%
3.3 Lie expectancy of 69
3.4 Rich and poor areas
3.4.1 Poorer areas towards edge of city
3.4.2 Rich areas surround CBD in southern Mumbai
3.5 Dharavi slums
3.5.1 Low standards of living
3.5.2 Residents have built up a high quality of life self improved houses
3.5.3 generates hug income for the city Informal economy, e.g potters
4 Physical fearures
4.1 Peninsular into Arabian sea
4.2 Ulhas river
4.3 Flat around edge of island
4.4 Salesette Island
4.5 Rocky coast (west)
4.5.1 Mangrove swamp (east)
4.5.2 Hills in North (300m)
5 Climate
5.1 Monsoon season
5.1.1 Wet season Jun-Sept 650mm rainfall per month
5.1.2 Dry season Oct-May 5-10mm of rainfall per month
5.1.3 Low pressure water system Air rises cools Condenses Rains
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