Features of cells

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Features of cells
1 Bacteria
1.1 plasmid DNA
1.1.1 extra circles of DNA. contains additional genes that are not found in chromosomes.
1.2 flagellum
1.2.1 to aid with movement.
1.3 chromosomal DNA
1.3.1 a single loop lies free in the cytoplasm. it carries most of the bacvterial genes.
1.4 cell wall
1.4.1 Used for protection, but made out of different substances to plant cells.
1.5 cell membrane
2 Plant
2.1 cell membrane
2.2 nucleus
2.3 cytoplasm
2.4 mitochondria
2.5 cell wall
2.5.1 used to protect the cell
2.6 central vacuole
2.6.1 stores nutrients for the plant cell to survive
2.7 chloroplasts
2.7.1 used in photosynthesis to convert the energy of the sun into sugars that can be used by cells
3 Animal
3.1 cell membrane
3.1.1 controls what enters and leaves the cell
3.2 nucleus
3.2.1 a large structure that contains DNA - instructions for the building and working of the cell
3.3 cytoplasm
3.3.1 jelly-like substance that fills the cell - many reactions take place here.
3.4 mitochondria
3.4.1 tiny structures where respiration takes place, releasing energy for cell processes.
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