Animal Cells

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Basic knowledge of animal cells.

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Animal Cells
1 Necleus
1.1 This controls the cell and contains genetic material.
1.2 Genetic information is needed to make new cells.
2 Cytoplasm
2.1 This is a jelly-like substance where the chemical reactions in a cell take place
3 Cell Membrane
3.1 This is a barrier around the cell.
3.2 It controls what can come in and out of a cell
4 Mitochondria
4.1 This is where respiration happens
4.1.1 Respiration is a process in living organisams, involving the production of energy e.g. the transport of oxygen from the outside world into the cells and vice versa with carbon dioxide
5 Ribosomes
5.1 Protein Synthesis happens here.
6 BBC Bitesize & Activate 1
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