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A mind map about Addiction

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1 What is addiction?
1.1 An addiction is an unhealthy relationship with drugs or alcohol in which you use more than you would like to use, and you continue to use despite negative consequences,
2 Why will someone become an addict?
2.1 Pressure
2.2 Lack of education
2.3 Easy Access
2.4 Depression or other mental illnesses
2.5 Genetic Susceptibility
2.6 Traumatic Expierences
2.7 Environment
2.8 Self-esteem issues
3 Changes in the brain
3.1 Drugs interfere with the way that the brain sends and receives messages.
3.2 Some drugs, such as cannabis and heroin, are similar to other chemicals in the brains.
3.3 They fool the brain and abnormal messages are sent.
3.4 Other drugs, such as cocaine, cause nerve cells to release large amounts of dopamine.
3.5 Drug users reach a point where they need to take the drug again to try to repeat these feeling.
4 How can addiction be overcome?
4.1 Therapy
4.2 Hypnosis
4.3 Support Group
4.4 Rehab
4.5 Support and reassurance
4.6 Evidence of Negative Effects
4.7 Determination
4.8 Distractions
4.9 Alternative
5 Overcoming Addiction
5.1 Withdrawal is the process of coming off drugs and needs to be done uncontrolled steps.
5.2 It can be dangerous for some addicts, such as alcoholics or heroin addicts, to stop taking the drug all at once.
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