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My biology project on adaptation

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1 Types of adaptation
1.1 camouflage
1.1.1 organisms that are camouflage have higher chances of survival and reproducing
1.1.2 Morphological development allows the species to adapt to its environment
1.1.3 Organisms hide from predators using this defensive technique
1.2 Mimicry
1.2.1 when a species evolves and has similar characteristics to another This change can help a harmless species camouflage and look like a harmful species for protection
1.3 Anti microbial resistance
1.3.1 for every resistant bacteria, one type of antibiotic exists this led to less diseases being harmful and bad
1.3.2 Bacteria originally killed by penicillin would become resistant to the drug
2 adaptation is shaped by natural selection and is the trait that affects reproduction in an organism
3 Consequences of adaptation
3.1 traits in an organism that are prominent do not nescesarily mean they will increase the percent of the success of reproduction
3.1.1 It became a problem for species that had experienced prior evolutionary change
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