Music video planning

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Music video planning
1 Costume
1.1 Main artist
1.1.1 Hair down
1.1.2 long black dress
1.1.3 Make Up: natural looking
1.2 Drug Scene
1.2.1 hooded jacket Reason for choice: a hooded jacket is stereotypical of a drug taker
1.2.2 Black glove Reason for choice: stereotypical of criminal activity
1.3 Homeless scene
1.3.1 hoody
1.4 transgender scene
1.4.1 Suit to portray masculinity
1.4.2 dress bra heels in order to show complete contrast
1.5 Cancer scene
1.5.1 scarf on head
1.5.2 dressing gown
2 Props
2.1 Drug scene
2.1.1 flour
2.1.2 plastic bag to put flour in
2.1.3 bank card to line up drugs
2.2 Homeless scene
2.2.1 blanket
2.2.2 bench to pretend to sleep on
2.3 Transgender scene
2.3.1 lip stick to be applied
2.3.2 nail varnish to be applied
2.4 cancer scene
2.4.1 iphone charger to be used as breathing tool
2.4.2 bed to look like an ill patient
2.4.3 wheelchair to look fragile
2.4.4 zimmerframe

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