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1 E-commerce
1.1 Statistics
1.1.1 Few bad reviews online affects shoppers purchase
1.1.2 Shopping cart abandonment
1.2 Examples
1.2.1 Official TOPSHOP UNIQLO A&F Hollister
1.2.2 Unofficial EBay TaoBao Amazon Carousell
1.3 Pros
1.3.1 Shop 24/7
1.3.2 Save time/Hustle
1.3.3 Customers Review Spend money on worthy items
1.3.4 Unlimited size and option
1.3.5 No pushy salesman
1.4 Cons
1.4.1 Personal data
1.4.2 Shipping cost
1.4.3 Payment insecurities No products received
1.4.4 Waiting time Lack of Instant gratification
1.4.5 Can't try on
1.4.6 No cash option
1.4.7 Defective items
1.4.8 Damaged products
2 Social platforms
2.1 social media
2.1.1 Instant/Visual communication whatsapp Snapchatt Line Wechat Facebook Messenger
2.1.2 Social network Instagram Facebook Twitter Tumblr
2.2 Advantages/pros
2.2.1 Help people who are socially isolated
2.2.2 Disarm social stigmas
2.2.3 Business advertising using social media
2.3 Disadvantages/cons
2.3.1 Crimes promoted through social media
2.3.2 Lesser face-to-face communication
2.3.3 Creates misinformation and false info.
2.4 Facts & Stats
2.4.1 Social network Approx 1.7b people have active social media 47% internet users have Facebook 4.5b. daily likes 284m. active Twitter Users 500m. daily tweets 300m. users on Instagram 53% of internet user 18-29 use it.
2.4.2 Instant commuication Whatsapp (600m users) 350m. monthly users Originated from USA Line (300m users) 100m. suscribers in last 4 months Originated from Japan WeChat (468m. users) 100m. daily users Originated from China Snapchat (100m monthly users) 400m. snaps shared daily Originated from USA
3 Online Videos
4 Music
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