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revision mind map on respiration

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1 glucose + oxygen-- carbon dioxide + water+ energy
2 energy
2.1 cannot be created or destroyed
2.2 measured in joules many forms
2.3 types of energy
2.3.1 kinetic found in moving objects
2.3.2 light radiant energy
2.3.3 heat thermal energy heat
2.3.4 chemical stored in fuel and batteries
3 why do organisms need to respire
3.1 metabolism
3.1.1 sum of all chemical process occur in living organisms
3.2 catabolic process
3.2.1 metabolic reactions that break down large molecules into small molecules
3.3 anabolic process
3.3.1 metabolic reactions that build larger molecules from smaller molecules
4 what is respiration
4.1 it occrs in living cells
4.2 the process wereby energy stored in complex organic molecules are made to make atp
4.3 energy currency
4.3.1 all cells are able to make use of the energy released from atp when it is hydrolysed into adp and pi
5 where atp comes from
5.1 delivered from rna nucleotide
5.1.1 contains ribose dna deos not contain ribose
6 biological process
6.1 movement
6.1.1 mscle contraction microtubule motors
6.2 activation of chemicls
6.2.1 making molecules more unstable
6.3 active transport
6.3.1 move molecules across membrane against con grad
7 what stands for atp
7.1 adenosine triphosphate
7.1.1 this is an energy bearing molecule found in all living cells
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