Persuasive cycle

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Persuasive cycle
1 No 1 Rhetorical questions
1.1 No answers needed to the questions
1.2 Always end with a question mark
1.3 At least three questions
1.4 Always have a semicolon in between questions
2 No 2 Facts & opinions
2.1 Expert opinion
2.3 The examiner does not care if the people or facts are real or not
2.4 60% of...
3 No 3 Anecdotes
3.1 Story relating to the subject
3.2 Can be made up
3.3 Include you or people you know
4 No 4 Incentives
4.1 Say why people should do it
4.2 Rewards and prizes
4.3 "You will feel"...
4.4 How is the reader going to benefit?
5 No 5 Assersion
5.1 Tell people to do something
5.1.1 "You know you will"...
5.1.2 Do this now and...
5.1.3 Why don't you?
5.1.4 You must!

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