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analysis for cd rack

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1.1 wood
1.1.1 Base material dependant on whether the product will be fixed to a position or potentially repositioned fixed mahogony or Oak, Heavier but better quality finish repositioned plywood, MDF, or chipboard on the basis that its light and would aid in moving it around
1.1.2 engraving overlap with aesthetics side for symbols personalisation
1.1.3 cheaper
1.2 Metal
1.2.1 dependant on whether the product will be fixed to a position or potentially repositioned fixed steel repositioned aluminium or carbon fibre
1.3 plastics
1.3.1 opportunity to 3D print can be used for stands for CD
2.1 visual indicators to seperate genres
2.1.1 illustrations
2.1.2 colours for coding pearl chrome matte pattern coding
2.2 themes
2.2.1 modern/contemporary
2.2.2 for msic eras 1970- funky/foxy/groovy 1980 r&b, bootcut trousers 1990 baggy clothing 2000s'
2.3 in context with individuals such as elctronic console Gamers
2.3.1 sorting games of the same nature by symbols illstrating/ presenting the game culture FIFA games are associated with EA sports symbol Call of duty are associated with the trey arch symbol the Assassins Creed series is best known from the Ubisoft symbol Game Genres Action & Adventure Racing Trivia Shooting Puzzle Indie Arcade Sports
2.3.2 there are gamers who play a variety of different consoles allocate all the Xbox Cds under the X symbol sort all Play station CDs under the Sony Symbol allallocate all products like Wii under the Nintendo symbol/ logo
3.1 media storage unit for DVD, CD
3.1.1 seperate different music genre
3.1.2 mounted on the wall for easier access
3.1.3 compatible/portable in context with music CD seller it should be portable enough so one can position it easily and moneuver easily around tight spaces in relation to normal consumers, portable enough so one can move it around average bedroom or living room dependant of area of target market, some average rooms are larger as opposed to other countries UK USA
3.2 Detachable
3.2.1 assemble and reassemble
3.2.2 could come in as a flatpack form for ease of distribution entices firms such as IKEA who are known for flatpack products assembled easily
3.3 CD/Media Storage Space
4 size
4.1 dimensions
4.1.1 shelving width could be standard width
4.1.2 should be able to accomodate CD covers of all format for example DVD, GAMES o even vinyl
4.2 production volume
4.2.1 1-10 adds uniquness and value limited volume could potentially make it a collectors item not much demand for product on the basis that majority of consumers opt for electronic download and storage
4.3 dependant on the amount of CD the client wishes to accomodate
4.3.1 Hardcore Gamers 50-60 larger product
4.3.2 Collectors in th hudred zone
4.3.3 average 20-30
4.3.4 client may want to just showcase their favourite CDs of which would be a small selection so roghly in the region of 3-10 smaller product but potentially be bigger as it would be a showcase
5.1 Individuals who still buy CDs as their music format
5.1.1 collectors
5.1.2 mainstream collectors
5.1.3 individuals or consumers who have hard copies for their media not just for music Gamers Hoarders DVD collections
5.2 owners of CD shops
5.2.1 they may require it for themselves as a form to display their products
5.2.2 Or as their own personal possession to store their own CD media
5.2.3 Used to sell as furniture
5.3 nature of client
5.3.1 retro
5.3.2 old traditional
5.3.3 middle aged men and women
5.3.4 gamers modern futuristic
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