The Coming of Yams and Mangoes and Mountain Honey

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A-Levels ENGLISH Mind Map on The Coming of Yams and Mangoes and Mountain Honey, created by joanna.hall on 10/05/2013.

Created by joanna.hall about 6 years ago
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The Coming of Yams and Mangoes and Mountain Honey
1 "Squinting"
1.1 in pain
1.2 hiding
1.3 To look with the eyes partly closed, as in bright sunlight.
1.4 (a) To look or glance sideways. (b) To look askance, as in disapproval.
1.5 anger
2 "Stuffing"
2.1 Padding put in cushions and upholstered furniture.
2.2 Food put into the cavity of a piece of meat or a vegetable that has been hollowed out.
2.3 the act of a person or thing that stuffs.
2.4 greed
2.5 generosity
2.6 speed or urgency
3 "tawny"
3.1 A light brown to brownish orange.
4 "Soaked"
4.1 To make thoroughly wet or saturated by or as if by placing in liquid.
4.2 To immerse in liquid for a period of time.
4.3 To remove (a stain, for example) by continued immersion
4.4 juicy
4.5 blessed (sunlight or something positive)
5 "Fleshy"
5.1 Relating to, consisting of, or resembling flesh.
5.2 Having abundant flesh; plump.
5.3 Having a juicy or pulpy texture
5.4 (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Botany) Botany (of some fruits, leaves, etc.) thick and pulpy fleshiness
5.5 disturbing
5.6 morbid
5.7 gruesome
5.8 bright

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