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1 History
1.1 The swan gaves the idea of fly to humans.
1.1.1 Otto Lilienthal made the first glider. Leonardo Da Vinci studied the anatomy and flight of birds. The Wright brothers succeeded in flying the first heavier-than-air aircraft in 1903.
2 Definition
2.1 Biomimicry: Examination of nature to emulate or take inspiration to solve human problems.
3 Aplications
3.1 Build materials
3.1.1 Termite den = office buildings The architect Mick Pearce built large chimneys that naturally draw in cool air at night to lower the temperature of the floor slabs, reducing the need for air conditioning.
3.2 New ways for building up
3.2.1 Wheels Problem As the ground gets less smooth wheels are less effective. Solution Legs
3.3 Solve energy crises
4 How it works?
4.1 Improve technology by the way nature moves
4.1.1 Fly (Wings) Bigger fly machines than any creature in nature. Examples Birds= Jets Bird increase the distance by making a V-shape formation. Airplanes have a V-shape which helps them break the wind resistance. The imitation of the shape of bird wings helps to reduce the spinnin mass of air, the vortex around the wind. For birds and planes the hardest part of fly is landing. Extend the wings was a engineer solution.
4.1.2 Walking Cockroach It can run fifty cockroach bodies in a second. In order to improve Successfully the locomotion of bio-mimetic robots over uneven terrains with obstacles and cliffs. Crabs Relationship between the energy and the forces used while walking. Machines
4.1.3 Swimming Shark Shark skin is covered in tiny scales, each with a ridge elonged center. These ridges reduces friction as the shark moves thorugh the ocean. Inspiration in their skin to produce professional swimsuits that allows the swimmer to encounter less resistance in the water, making them somewhat faster. Penguins They move through water so easily. Better ships and submarines Yellow Boxfish Design of a Chrysler in Germany.
5 Our example
5.1 Umbrella
5.1.1 Problems Easy to break Its shape its not safety, because the air makes it to reverse.
5.1.2 Inspiration Birds wings The bird feathers are waterproof and also allow the wind to flow.
5.1.3 Design
6 References
6.1 Kamm, A. 2006. Biomimetics: Motion Technology of the natural world. Mr. Fil-Gruppe, Vienna, Austria.
6.1.1 Hennighausen, Roston (2013). 14 Smart Inventions Inspired by Nature: Biomimicry. [Online]. Available from: [April 19th]
6.1.2 Tetro Jason(2014). Shark Skin Biomimetics Takes a Bite Out of Infection Spread. [Online]. Available from: [April 19th]
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