Functionalism & Social Stratification

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Social stratification - functionalist

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Functionalism & Social Stratification
1 Structural theory
1.1 All strucutures sereves a useful function
1.2 A strong collective conscious exist in society; binding indviduals together
1.3 Explains social world with reference to systems
2 Durkhiem
2.1 Explained the development of inequality in terms of the transformation from agricultural socities into industralised complex societies
2.2 Modern soceities require highly specialised divisions of labour to occupy hospitals, schools etc.
2.2.1 As industralised soceties are complex, they need specialisit to undertake various of jobs to ensure running smoothly.
2.3 The different jobs of division of labour generate different status and power than others
2.3.1 Individuals would accept this aslong as they deemed it fair, though it could also be controlled through institiations and socialisation
3 Davis and Moores
3.1 Society needs most talented to perform most skilled jobs and thus pay them accordingly
3.2 Society is meritocratic and thus the examination system would sift and sort individuals with their class position reflecting this allocation
3.3 There is an expectation that those at the top would sacrafise early on in life to make this 'power' possible
4 Parsons
4.1 In industralised societies stratifcation exists on the basis of which roles are agreed to be most important and functional to society
4.2 This agreement occurs as people are socialised into shared norms and values by institutiosn
4.3 The value consensus that occurs is what hold society together - gives social order.
4.4 Values give people a common goal - work hard...
5 Evaluation of Func...
5.1 Cultural capital - Bourdie - not all suceed in exams
5.2 Soceity not meritocratic not everyone starts at the same point.
5.3 Society not harminous - capitalist exploit proletariat
5.4 No emperical evidence - - assumptions - though deep analysis shows not most functional jobs lead to higest pay - i.e. Nurse earns less than bankers
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