The Bloody Chamber Key Quotes

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The Bloody Chamber Key Quotes
1 Isolation
1.1 "The Faery solitude of the place"
1.1.1 "The Straining train lept its leash and left us at that lonely wayside halt"
2 Gothic Elements
2.1 "Like an extraordinary precious slit throat"
2.1.1 "Great pistons ceaselessly thrusting" "Surrounded by so many mirrors! Mirrors on all the walls in stately frames of contorted gold" "And there lay the matrimonial bed.. with gargoyles carves on surfaces of ebony" "Her dead lips smiled"
3 Characterisation
3.1 "Now without a moments hesitation, she raised my father's gun, took aim and put a single, irreproachable bullet through my husband's head"
3.1.1 "Turned my head away, out of pride, out of shyness and watched a dozen husbands approach me" "He stripped me, gourmand that he was as if he were stripping the leaves off an artichoke" "My eagle featured, indomitable mother" "The monocle had fallen from his face" "His curling mane was disordered"
4 Hellish Imagery
4.1 "The corridor wound downwards"
4.1.1 "It grew very warm"
5 Colour
5.1 "Glazed with a sombre Chinese red"
5.1.1 "Crowned with a wreath of white roses"
6 Sexualisation
6.1 "All the better to see you"
6.1.1 "My little nun has found the prayer book has she?" "A dozen husbands impaled a dozen brides"
7 Symbols
7.1 "Choker of rubies"
7.1.1 "Crystallised fruit" "Lillies" "Fire opal" "Mask"
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