Health and Social Care

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Health and Social Care
1 Infancy
1.1 Physical
1.1.1 Climb
1.1.2 Run
1.1.3 Kick a ball
1.1.4 Ride a tricycle
1.1.5 Hop
1.1.6 Pincer Grip
1.1.7 Thread large beads
1.1.8 Clap
1.1.9 Turn pages
1.1.10 Scribble
1.2 Intellectual
1.2.1 Name objects
1.2.2 Ask questions
1.2.3 Speak short sentences
1.2.4 Follow simple commands
1.2.5 Number, shape and color concepts
1.3 Emotional
1.3.1 Crying in distress
1.3.2 Smiling at faces
1.3.3 Tantrums (2 years)
1.3.4 Attachment
1.3.5 Self Concept
1.3.6 Self Confidence
1.3.7 Separation
1.4 Social
1.4.1 Stranger anxiety
1.4.2 Separation anxiety
1.4.3 Smile at familiar faces
1.4.4 Attachment
2 Childhood
2.1 Physical
2.1.1 Grow in height and weight
2.1.2 Milk teeth fall out
2.1.3 Better coordination and mobility
2.1.4 Strength and Stamina increases
2.1.5 Control of small movements
2.1.6 Can draw recogisable pictures
2.1.7 Catch a ball
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