Paradigm Shift by George M Jacobs & Thomas S C Farrell

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Paradigm Shift by George M Jacobs & Thomas S C Farrell
1 Eight changes
1.1 Learner Autonomy
1.1.1 involves learners being aware of their own ways of learning,
1.2 Cooperative Learning
1.2.1 collaborative learning for enhancing the value of student-student interaction
1.3 Curricular Integration
1.3.1 to see the links between subject areas in a holistic manner
1.4 Focus on meaning
1.4.1 we learn best when we connect and store information in meaningful chunks. long-term learning
1.5 Diversity
1.5.1 different students attach different connotations to the same event or information the mix of students we have in our classrooms in terms of backgrounds
1.6 Thinking Skills
1.6.1 going beyond the information given
1.7 Alternative Assessment
1.8 Teachers as co-learners
2 A means of thinking about change in education.
3 different perspective to focus on different aspects of the phenomena in our lives
4 Key Components
4.1 role of learners
4.2 learning process
4.3 social nature of learning
4.4 diversity
4.5 views of those internal to the classroom
4.6 connecting the school with the world
4.7 7. Helping students to understand the purpose of learning
4.8 8. A whole-to-part orientation
4.9 the importance of meaning
4.10 learning as a lifelong process
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