Japan: The Meiji Period

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Japan's Meiji Period

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Japan: The Meiji Period
  1. Influencing Factors
    1. Russia
      1. causes
        1. wanted to increase its trading along with the pacific coast
          1. traded with the Ainu and gained control of the Kruli island
          2. effects
            1. Japan claimed the Kruli Island and drove the Russians from it.
              1. government made their isolation policy strict
            2. European Nations
              1. causes
                1. Dutch East India hired ships tp carry its trade to Asia and Japan.
                  1. Western ideas were being circulated at Deshima
                  2. effects
                    1. Japan expelled all foreingers
                      1. only ships with special documents could come into Deshima
                  3. USA
                    1. causes
                      1. wanted trade agreement with Japan, and threatened to use of force if they disagree
                      2. effects
                        1. people who disagreed with the Bafuku called for the emperor to come back as a ruler
                          1. ended up signing contract
                        2. China
                          1. causes
                            1. signed an unequal trade agreement with Britain
                            2. effects
                              1. abandoned the don't-think-twice edict because of their fear of Britain
                                1. realized the power of the english forces
                            3. Changes
                              1. Political
                                1. the young leaders realized that the people needed a symbol to help develop nationalism feelings
                                  1. the emperor showed the people that the shogun and bafuku were no longer in charge
                                    1. started constitutional gov't
                                      1. the capital moved from Kyoto to Edo
                                        1. class systems were abolished which allowed people to choose their jobs
                                        2. Economic
                                          1. gov't owned businesses were sold to private buisnesses
                                            1. new plants and factories
                                              1. hired western experts
                                                1. after the Meiji period, Japan's national income doubled
                                                  1. new industries were owned by gov't
                                                  2. Social
                                                    1. feudal system was eliminated
                                                      1. Daimyo became one class with the court nobility
                                                        1. the Samurai class became unimportant
                                                          1. commoners were people who could move to higher positions and get paid more
                                                            1. farmers could sell their land to pay for taxes
                                                              1. education was made free and available for all
                                                              2. Cultural
                                                                1. Japan became a more modernized society
                                                                  1. centralized family state
                                                                    1. more people became educated
                                                                      1. respected family and social values
                                                                        1. Japanese culture became famous
                                                                        2. Military
                                                                          1. Japan quickly took Korea from China
                                                                            1. was required to use a moral code
                                                                              1. used the british navy and german army as its models
                                                                                1. Japan used the military conscripition that was influenced by the frenchies
                                                                                  1. with a strong military, the gov't could bring, change and defeat any internal opposition
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