Global Business

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Multicultural contexts class mind map on the concept, global business

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Global Business
  1. International Business
    1. Traditionally seen under the concept of
      1. Multinational Enterprise
        1. Firm engaged in foreign direct investment
    2. Emerging economies
      1. Part of the model
        1. 11 countries from the G-20 are emerging
          1. Based on the Purchasing Power Parity collectively they contribute to 45 % of the global
            1. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), without adjusting for PPP it's only 26%
      2. Developed Economies
        1. Constituted by the Triad: North America, Western Europe and Japan
          1. Most people from them are at
            1. The top of the pyramid with an income higher than $20,000 yearly
              1. While the base of the pyramid includes individuals who make less than $2,000 yearly
          2. Expatriate managers
            1. In charge of companies who follow this system
              1. Among the perks they receive a better pay is included
                1. Aka International Premium
            2. Determining the success or failure of a firm
              1. Institution-based view
                1. Relies on the importance of working within the institutional framework (environment of a certain country.
                  1. Formal Institutions = Laws and regulations
                    1. Informal Institutions = Cultural values, ethics and norms
                  2. Resource-based view
                    1. When internal resources partly dictate the company's future
                      1. Employed to overcome liability of foreigness
                  3. Globalization
                    1. Allowed growth of
                      1. BRIC, formed by emerging countries
                        1. Brazil. Russia, India and China
                      2. Nongovernmental organizations against it
                        1. Crucial to see them as allies instead of opponents
                      3. Semiglobalization
                        1. Is the world truly globalized?
                          1. New strategies necessary
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