Business Add-Ins

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Business Add-Ins
  1. Classic Business Add-ins
      1. ABAP Objects Interface
        1. Interfaces
          1. is a collection of formally defined methods without any coding. formally defined methods refer to the names of methods and their signatures.
          2. Reference Variables
            1. Also know as pointer with statement REF TO. creates a pointer not a object. after you can create a object using the defined reference variable.
            2. Interface Reference
              1. there is no way to instantiate because they do not have any coding. there implementation is given by a class. they only call the interface components of an object of the implementing class.
          3. Take into account the changes to the software delivery process.
            1. SAP provides the enhancement points. they required a lest one interface and a BadI class.
              1. Each BAdl Contains the following components: Program enhancements, Menu enhancements and Screen enhancements
                1. when the components is create
                  1. Interface
                    1. Generated class (BAdl class)
                      1. TASK: Filtering and Control
                2. New Business Add-ins
                  1. improved performance
                    1. additional functions
                      1. Enhancement filter concept
                        1. Option to inherit attributes
                        2. Integrated int new Enhancement Framework
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