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Web Dynpro
  1. SAPs Web Dynpro for java and ABAP is a web-based UIs.
    1. USE: Model View Controller (MVC)
      1. Generate automatically the source code, and enable you to write highly flexible applications without the need to write any HTML or Javascript
      2. Benefits
        1. Minimized code and design
          1. Separate layout and logic
            1. support reuse and logic
              1. Compatibility with multiple platforms
                1. Browser based , Zero footprint
                  1. Support for 508 accessibility
                  2. Web Dynpro Component
                    1. Windows
                      1. Navigation
                        1. navigation between views is trigger by firing outbound plugs
                        2. View combination
                          1. UI
                            1. Data Binding
                              1. Allow data to be automatically transported to and from a UI element in its layout
                            2. Layout
                              1. Elements
                            3. Component Controller
                              1. Flow control
                                1. context mapping
                                  1. Allows a context node in one controller to be supplied automatically with the data of that context node
                                    1. prerequisites
                                      1. A node must exit in the context of the controller acting as the map origin. this node may also have child nodes or attributes.
                                        1. the mapping origin controller must no be a view controller.
                                          1. the controller containing the mapped node must declare the use of the mapping origin controller as a used controller.
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