Enhancement Points, Enhancement Options and Enhancement Selections

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Enhancement Points, Enhancement Options and Enhancement Selections
  1. Composite enhancement Implementations
    1. Enhancement Implementations
      1. Implementation elements
        1. Composite enhancement spots
          1. Enhancement Spots
            1. Enhancement Points
              1. Explicit Enhancement Points
                1. Explicit enhancement points are provided by SAP and allow you to enhance SAP source code by inserting your own logic, without making modifications
                  1. static
                    1. allow additional data declarations
                    2. dynamic
                      1. allow additional executable code
                    3. Implicit Enhancement Points
                      1. Implicit enhancement points provide you with the option to insert additional source code at certain points in SAP programs
                        1. USE
                          1. Function Modules
                            1. Global SAP Classes
                              1. Local SAP Classes
                                1. Others
                                  1. At end of a structure
                                    1. at the beginning and end of subroutines
                                      1. at end of includes
                                2. Explicit enhancement sections
                                  1. WARRING: is possible that more than one enhancement implementation may have been created for an enhancement section. Only one implementation for an enhancement section can be executed at runtime. in that case you need use the Switch Framework
                            2. WARRING: Normally , customers implement all in one enhancement implementation
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