Developed and challenged conventions.

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Developed and challenged conventions.
1 Integrated narrative - we decided that we wanted to integrate the idea of a narrative and live music performance together. We felt that this was Important because we were using an unknown and unsigned band, meaning that people wouldn't be completely interested in watching the band alone, so a secondary stimulus is needed to keep a good level of attention
2 We also wanted our video to be different because we didn't want to follow a simple narrative as many do, and wanted to create something the audience would enjoy and want to speak about, as this would create a communication about the band to help get their name known. We did this by developing the idea of simple narratives and follow a social realism style video.
3 A convention that we challenged and didn't use was sound distortion in videos which is often seen in new music videos. I wanted to challenge the need for videos to use these unrealistic sounds as some real texts we looked at had also challenged this convention and left the song very natural and from the heart, something we wanted to present of the band.
4 Another convention that we decided to challenge was the use of low budget and minimalistic sets, which is seen in many existing music videos. We decided to challenge this because of the nature of our narrative, with us feeling that a dark and low budget workplace would look unprofessional rather than it was following a convention. We also felt like the business setting portrayed our message better without the need for speaking.
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