Same gender groupings

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Same gender groupings
  1. Boys
    1. The boys experience success during the first game
      1. The boys become very over aroused and excited and this caused many of them to panic, run around and therefore became disorganised
        1. When the boys were grouped together they increased their arousal levels. During their first game they experienced success and were motivated. The boys did not discuss tactics or strategies to experience success but showed a good level of skill.
          1. Boys continued to play after the C.T had stopped the game in an attempt to win
            1. Boys lacked in any organisation and occasionally bumped into each other and did not use the space.
              1. The boys cheered and jumped up when they won
                1. The boys complained that the girls had an unfair advantage because they had more people on their team. This showed their level of motivation and drive to win by ensuring that the game was fair.
                  1. Some of the boys sulked and got upset after they had lost the second game
                  2. Girls
                    1. The HA girls continued to be motivated
                      1. The HA girls supported the LA and MA pupils more and encouraged techniques so they were more likely to experience success
                      2. The girls experienced success during the second game
                        1. Girls were more motivated when stickers and team points were introduced after the first game, and consequently won the second game
                          1. Occasionally pairs of girls went off together and lost motivation
                            1. The girls appeared to enjoy working in same sex groupings
                              1. The girls organised themselves in a better manner, they used communication to speak with each other.
                                1. The girls smiled and cheered when they won the second game
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