Trends in Families + Households part 1

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Family size, cohabitation, marriage + divorce

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Trends in Families + Households part 1
    1. Increase
      1. Extended families are the norm - 36 million people in the UK have lived in one
        1. Single parent families make up 26% of all family types
          1. Many parents will have more children to get better benefits
          2. Decrease
            1. On average family size is decreasing, as people know their kids will live longer and so have less
              1. Women have kids later which means she will only have 1 or 2
                1. Voluntary childlessness
              2. MARRIAGE
                1. Decrease
                  1. Rise in womens independence
                    1. Wilkinson - Genderquake
                      1. Women would rather focus on careers than family
                        1. Don't need to marry for economic security
                        2. General changes in society
                          1. Morgan - marriage is going out of fashion
                            1. Beck + Beck-Gernshiem - Individualisation
                              1. Media is increasing expectations
                          2. DIVORCE
                            1. Increase
                              1. Women's independence
                                1. 70% of all divorces are petitioned by women
                                  1. Renvoise - women can financially support kids
                                    1. Feminists - won't put up with DV anymore
                                    2. Decline in stigma
                                      1. Divorce has become accepted in society - the norm
                                        1. Beck + Beck-Gernshiem - Individualism
                                          1. Broken home stigma is basically gone
                                      2. COHABITATION
                                        1. Increase
                                          1. Female independence
                                            1. Wilkinson - Genderquake
                                              1. Morgan - a legitimate alternative to marriage
                                                1. Less financial security needed
                                                2. General changes in society
                                                  1. It's expected that you know your partner before marriage
                                                    1. Young generations fully accept cohabitation
                                                      1. It's the norm
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