Contact Dermatitis

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This describes the General Description, Etiology, Manifestations and Treatment of Contact Dermatitis.

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Contact Dermatitis
  1. Pathophysiology/Definiton
    1. Casued by exposure to allergen
      1. Direct chemical irritation to skin
        1. Direct mechanical irriation to skin
        2. Etiology
          1. Exposure to chemical irriants; bleach
            1. Exposure to mechanical irriants; metals
              1. Allergies
              2. Manifestations
                1. Red
                  1. Edematous
                    1. Pruritic (itchy)
                      1. Painful
                      2. Treatment
                        1. Removement of irrant ASAP to reduce inflammation
                          1. Use topical glucocorticoids (hydrocortisone)
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