Passage to Africa

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Passage to Africa
  1. Smilie's
    1. "The search for shocking is like the craving for a drug"
      1. It creates an image of an addition, desperation.
        1. The use of the drug implies that's its not good.
      2. Like a ghost Town
        1. Creates an image that everyone is dying and its deserted.
      3. Short / one word sentences
        1. Hunt
          1. Creates the impression that he is a predator, exploiting the vulnerable
          2. It was rotting; she was rotting
            1. it shows how remembers that she is a human. We feel as if Alagiah forgets about the fact that these people are human. Not things
            2. Habibah Died.
              1. The short and powerful
                1. Creates an effect because it stands out due to it being short
                  1. It shocks the reader
                  2. The shortness adds effect because it shows how emotionless he was, and everyone around.
                2. Emotive Language
                  1. So my nameless friend, if you are still alive, i owe you one.
                    1. Leaves the potential that he could be dead.
                      1. Shows he isnt writing about money.
                        1. The smile reminds him that those people are human and realises that these people have emotions.
                          1. Which leads him to question his job, that is it right to publicise someone's life?
                            1. He feels embrassed about his job.
                          2. Realises that his job is more than what people think it is.
                        2. Rhetorical Questions
                          1. How should i feel to be standing there so strong and confident?
                            1. Makes the reader feel guilty
                              1. challenges his own profession
                              2. How could it be? - but it was a smile
                                1. He is confused about the smile because he is so used to seeing people embrassed.
                                  1. Because the aurthor questions it, thus making us question the morality of it.
                              3. The Power of three / Listing
                                1. a famine of quite suffering and lonely death
                                  1. Emphasises the pain
                                    1. Draws attention to how alone people are
                                      1. And their suffering
                                  2. No Rage, no whimpering, just a passing away
                                    1. Emphasises that it was just death that happened
                                      1. Gives the impression that suffering and death was common
                                        1. Draws attention to how lonely and the suffering
                                  3. Repetition of Negatives
                                    1. It was not a smile of joy - It was not a smile of greeting
                                      1. Emphasises the strange nature of the smile which is "not" happy.
                                    2. Alliteration
                                      1. Power and Purpose
                                        1. Emphasises that he has changed his mind on his job
                                          1. Before he was doing it for his job and profession but realises the wrong in doing it.
                                        2. Collect and Compile
                                          1. Draws attention how small the place was.
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