How Did the USA Influence Events in Germany 1945-1949

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Mind Map of USA's influence on the division of Germany

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How Did the USA Influence Events in Germany 1945-1949
  1. 1947 - Announced the Marshall plan, to give Marshall Aid to complying countries, such as their zone of Germany
    1. June 1948 - Currency reform. Vital for German economy to revivie.
      1. September 1946 - Stuggart Speech. The first official signal that the punitive approach to post war Germany had been dropped
        1. 1947 - The cold war became public when Truman released the Truman Doctrine
          1. By the summer of 1948, the currency reform and the Berlin Blockade were in full effect, the division of Germany appeared more or less a fait accompli
            1. April 1946, amidst growing fears about soviet intentions, the British Foreign office decided that the West German lander would have to be strengthened and made able to resist any communist dominated central government
              1. France joined Bizonia in the spring of 1948 when American bribed them with marshall Aid. Making Bizonia, Trizonia
                1. September 1945 - Permitted licenses to form political parties to participate in local elections
                  1. As a result of the merging political parties, by the spring of 1946, local governments on the western zones had been elected by Germans and were working with the allies with the aim of reconstructing Germany
                    1. The Western allies were less thorough than the Soviets at ridding their zones of Nazi influence so going back on former agreements
                      1. The decision to create an independent West Germany at the London Conference June 1948.
                        1. The USA refused to hand over German reparation payments to the USSR from May 1946.
                          1. France did not want a united Germany and the USA and Britain only wanted it on their own terms
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