The Crucible Characters

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The Crucible Characters
  1. John Proctor
    1. represents the confusion of an ordinary man caught up in a dangerous and unreasonable time
      1. one of the only characters with common sense, decency and a sense of morality
        1. is a reluctant leader but wants to do the right thing
        2. could be a representation of Miller: regarding his anti-communist trial
          1. he is very aware of his own faults- he is his harshest judge
            1. why he is so set on making things right with Elizabeth
            2. believes strongly in telling the truth
              1. irony of having an affair
                1. Abigail is the cause of his guilt
                  1. slightly hypocritical
                  2. is tourtured by the fact that he is living a lie
                    1. presented as man of integrity by Miller
                    2. realises how important his identity is to him
                      1. "because it is my name"
                        1. "i have given my soul; leave me my name"
                          1. under great pressure when dealing with the struggle inside him between the truth and reputation
                            1. especially when regarding his position in the community
                              1. "respected and even feared in Salem"
                            2. he is the plays tragic hero
                              1. usual have one weakness- his weakness being Abigail
                              2. can detect foolishness in others and expose it
                              3. Elizabeth Proctor
                                1. she has a moral superiority
                                  1. "God forbid i take it from him"
                                    1. "he have his goodness now"
                                    2. mainly a victim through the whole play, through no fault of her own
                                      1. through John and Abigail's affair
                                        1. through Abigail's spiteful nature
                                        2. belief in her husband and is loyal despite the things he has done
                                          1. very different to her husband when it comes to emotions
                                            1. protecting John's reputation when she lies for him
                                              1. importance of reputation,- reflecting on Miller when he had his reputation scathed in the McCarthyism trials
                                              2. cold and demanding
                                                1. may have driven John to commit adultery
                                                  1. marriage is still tense due to constant suspicion
                                                2. Abigail Williams
                                                  1. "my name is good in the village"
                                                    1. strong feelings towards self representation and reputation
                                                    2. orientated around John
                                                      1. she is cause of his guilt however
                                                        1. thinks of him as her property- even though he is with another woman
                                                      2. minipulative
                                                        1. always trying to protect herself
                                                            1. "innocently" putting on an act to protect was they were doing
                                                              1. "quavering, as she sits"
                                                                1. portraying the fear that Parris wants her to have
                                                                  1. fulfilling his ego and making him feel powerful
                                                                    1. realistically she has all the power and can use it as she wishes
                                                                      1. demonstrated later in the play
                                                                        1. very powerful personality
                                                                          1. inspires hysteria
                                                                            1. cunning
                                                                              1. evil
                                                                              2. lack of morals
                                                                                1. shows desperation through her need to control everything and have everything her way
                                                                                  1. in someway she has been a victim
                                                                                    1. perhaps a motif for her actions
                                                                                      1. acting out due to past events- parents being killed
                                                                                        1. at her age it isn't uncommon
                                                                                    2. revengeful towards Elizabeth
                                                                    2. aware of her sexuality
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