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Mind map of motivation, including Taylor, Mayo, Hertzberg and Maslow, also ways of improving job design and financial methods to motivate employees

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  1. School of Scientific Management
    1. Fredrick Taylor
      1. Time and motion study
        1. Specialisation of labour
        2. Believe employees do not need enrichment
          1. Work only for their own benefit
            1. Not interested in business
              1. Pay well using financial incentives
                1. Just need to be able to do their job well
                2. High productivity
                  1. Low skilled labour, trained only for there job
                    1. Low Unit costs
                    2. School of Neo-human motivation; pay is not enough, humans beings need more
                      1. Writers
                        1. Mayo
                          1. Hawthorn experiment
                          2. Hertzberg
                            1. Hygiene factors and motivators
                            2. Maslow
                              1. Hierarchy of needs
                            3. Mayo
                              1. Monitored how changes of working conditions impacted performance
                                1. Women were consulted about changes and their views listened to
                                  1. This made women feel valued
                                    1. Which in turn motivated them not working conditions
                              2. Herzberg
                                1. When present hygiene factors do not motivate you
                                  1. When absent act as demotivaters
                                  2. Motivators
                                    1. Chances for promotion
                                      1. Opportunities to better themselves
                                        1. Responsibility
                                          1. Employees thrive on these and are motivated
                                      2. Maslow
                                        1. Satisfy basic needs and employees will strive to achieve to meet higher order needs
                                          1. In doing so performance of employees improves and so does overall performance of the business
                                      3. Motivation is the range of factors that influence people to behave in certain ways
                                        1. Financial methods to motivate employees
                                          1. Piece-Rate Pay
                                            1. gives payment for each item produced
                                            2. Commision
                                              1. Payment made to all employees based on value of sales achieved
                                              2. Profit related pay
                                                1. Gives employees a share of profits earned by the business
                                                2. Performance-related pay
                                                  1. Tied into some sort of assessment or appraisal of employee performance
                                                  2. Share ownership
                                                    1. Employees offered shares in the company in which they work
                                                  3. Improving Job Design
                                                    1. Job enlargement
                                                      1. Extending an employees range of duties to include extra, similar duties
                                                      2. Job Rotation
                                                        1. The regular switching of employees between tasks of a similar degree of complexity
                                                        2. Job enrichment
                                                          1. Redesigning a job to include more challenging tasks
                                                        3. Team working and Empowerment
                                                          1. Empowerment
                                                            1. Giving people control of their working lives
                                                            2. Kaizen Group
                                                              1. work on small continuous improvement
                                                              2. Quality Circles
                                                                1. meet to solve a particular issue
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