'Poem's title'

Yana Mizzi
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Yana Mizzi
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'Poem's title'
  1. By name & surname of author
    1. Biographical information
      1. Relevant historical information
      2. Structure of the poem
        1. Number of stanzas and verses
          1. Rhyme scheme
            1. Poetic form
              1. Rhythm
              2. The Meaning of the Poem
                1. What is the poem about at face value?
                  1. What could the poet really mean?
                    1. What did you think of the meaning when you first read it?
                    2. Poetic Theme
                      1. What are the poem's main themes?
                        1. What makes you think so?
                        2. In your opinion, why has the poet focused on this theme?
                        3. Literary Techniques
                          1. Can you find any literary techniques? (for example: metaphor, personifcation, simile etc..)
                            1. Why has the poet made use of these techniques? What do they add to the poem?
                          2. Your Response
                            1. What do you think of the poem?
                              1. What makes you think so?
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