Multi-store model

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Everything you need to know about the multi-store model

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Multi-store model
  1. Explanation
    1. Sensory memory
      1. Attention
        1. Short Term memory
          1. Rehearsal
            1. Long term memory
              1. Capacity: unlimited
                1. Duration: up to a lifetime
              2. Capacity: 5-9 pieces
                1. Duration: 20-30 seconds
              3. Capacity: very limited
                1. Duration: 2-3 seconds
              4. Evaluation of the multi store model
                1. Rehearsal not always needed
                  1. The multi store model suggests rehearsal is necessary for storing information in the LTM . However some every day situations are remembered without being rehearsed.
                  2. Support
                    1. The primacy and recency effect supports there are two different stores for the short term and long term, supporting the multi-store model
                    2. What about processing?
                      1. The multi-store model doesn't take into account the level of processing and the effect this may have on storage. F.g. information semantically processed may be recalled and stored better than phonetically processed information. It may not be rehearsal.
                    3. Study
                      1. A: Evidence to support MSM
                        1. M: Participants had to learn a list of words presented one at a time, for two seconds per word, and then recall the words in any order.
                          1. R: Prmacy and recency effect
                            1. The words at the end of the list were recalled first (recency effect). Words from the beginning of the list were also recalled quite well (primacy effect), but the words in the middle were not recalled very well.
                            2. C: evidence ST and LT are two separate stores
                            3. Evaluation of study
                              1. Learning list of words- artificial - lacks ecological validity - not reflective of real life
                                1. Supports the multi store model, as the primacy and recency effect shows there are two separate memory stores
                                2. Practical application
                                  1. SS: capacity of STM is approximately 7 chunks
                                    1. Helped us with keeping certain important things we have to learn within that limit
                                      1. E.g car registration and pin numbers
                                    2. SS: information needs to be rehearsed to be stored in LTM
                                      1. Helps knowing how to revise effectively.
                                        1. To recall information it needs to be rehearsed
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