The body and optimum weight

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The body and optimum weight
  1. Factors effecting optimum weight
    1. Height
      1. Being tall in a game such as basketball will give you an advantage over your opponent
      2. Gender
        1. Women tend to have a higher percentage of body fat than men
        2. Bone structure
          1. People can have larger and denser bones which can lead to an advantage in contact sports such as rugby
          2. Muscle girth
            1. Bigger muscles give an advantage in activities requiring; speed, strength and power
          3. Anorexia and underweight
            1. Anorexia is a SERIOUS eating disorder that can cause...
              1. Fatigue
                1. dehydration
                  1. Dizziness
                    1. Muscular atrophy
                    2. Being underweight means you weigh much less than you should for your height and sex
                      1. Can become tired
                        1. Become weaker
                          1. Fatigue kicks in earlier
                        2. Overweight, Overfat and Obease
                          1. Overweight
                            1. It can be an advantage in sports such as Sumo Wrestling
                              1. Could be overweight but not overfat
                                1. Puts more strains on joints
                                  1. Could be overweight with muscle
                                  2. Overfat
                                    1. Means you have more body fat than you should
                                      1. Leads to high blood pressure
                                        1. Leads to High Cholesterol levels
                                        2. Obease
                                          1. Severly overweight
                                            1. Speed, agility and fitness deteriorate
                                              1. A serious health risk
                                            2. Somatotypes
                                              1. Mesomorphs
                                                1. Charicteristics
                                                  1. low levels of fat
                                                    1. Soliiiiiiid
                                                      1. Builds muscle easily
                                                        1. Wide shoulders
                                                        2. Sports they are suited to
                                                          1. Sprinting
                                                            1. Weight lifting
                                                              1. Boxing
                                                            2. Ectomorphs
                                                              1. Charicteristics
                                                                1. Long, thin frame
                                                                  1. Slim build
                                                                    1. Narrow shoulders and hips
                                                                    2. Sports they are suited for
                                                                      1. High jump
                                                                        1. Long jump
                                                                          1. Rock Climbing
                                                                        2. Endomorphs
                                                                          1. Charicteristics
                                                                            1. Tendency to store fat
                                                                              1. Dense and dumpy
                                                                                1. Wide hips
                                                                                2. Suited to
                                                                                  1. Shot putt
                                                                                    1. Sumo wrestling
                                                                                      1. Props in rugby
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