Hitler:from chancellor to dictator

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how hitler became chancellor

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Hitler:from chancellor to dictator
  1. Parliament
    1. Reichstag fire-Feb. 1933
      1. Set the Reichstag on fire and convinced parliament that it was the work of communists
        1. Hitler passed the 'Law for the protection of people and state" which ended the freedom of speech, association and press
          1. Called fresh elections---> communists couldnt make a campaign
            1. got 52% of votes- could pass laws
            2. Enabling Act in 1933 --> can pass any law he wants
              1. Joined centre party to get 66% of votes and change constitution
          2. Party-Nazi
            1. Night of the Long Knives- June 1934
              1. SS arrested and executed leaders of the SA, former chancellor Von Schleicher and 400 others
                1. Forced SA mean to support Hitler
                  1. Got support of the army and big businesses who didn't like the SA
                2. Presidency
                  1. Hindenburg died of old age August 1934 -Hitler now president and Chancellor
                    1. Becomes 'Führer'
                    2. Makes new election- no parties could oppose him- gets over 90% of votes
                    3. People
                      1. Made whole army swear an oath of loyalty to him not to Germany
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