Hitler Becoming Fuhrer

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Mind map detailing Hitler's consolidation of power in 1933 and 1934.

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Hitler Becoming Fuhrer
1 Reichstag Fire
1.1 27 February 1933
1.2 Blamed on Van der Lubbe, a Dutch Communist
1.3 Resulted in the Reichstag Fire Decree
1.3.1 Emergency powers granted by Hindenburg
1.3.2 Freedoms of speech, press and liberty were removed Gestapo could search houses, break up meeting and they seized state radio
1.3.3 Lasted for 12 years
1.4 4000 people were arrested
2 Enabling Act
2.1 Pass laws without consulting the Reichstag
2.1.1 All Communists and Jews fired from government jobs on 7 April
2.1.2 Trade unions banned 2 May
2.1.3 Political parties banned 14 July
2.2 Hitler needed 2/3 of votes to pass
2.2.1 The Nationalists (DNVP) backed Hitler
2.2.2 The Communists had been banned after the Reichstag Fire
2.2.3 The Socialists were intimidated by the SA as they voted but it failed
2.2.4 The Centre Party was given a deal where the rights of the churches would be respected
2.2.5 For: 444 Against: 94 (SPD)
2.3 24 March 1933
3 Death of Hindenburg
3.1 Hitler took over as Fuhrer
3.2 The army swore the Hitler Oath giving total loyalty to Hitler
3.3 Chancellorship merged with presidency
3.4 2 August 1933
4 Night of the Long Knives
4.1 Hitler suspected Rohm, leader of the SA, was plotting against him
4.2 Reasons to support the army
4.2.1 Only they could remove Hitler
4.2.2 Well trained and organised
4.2.3 Had support of conservatives and businesses
4.3 Reasons to support SA
4.3.1 Had more men that the army 2.5 million vs 100,000
4.3.2 Committed Nazis
4.3.3 Fought at the Munich Putch, 1923
4.4 29-30 June 1934
4.5 77 people executed
4.5.1 Rohm was shot
4.5.2 Von Schleicher
4.5.3 Gregor Strasser
4.6 SA absorbed into the army
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