Wound healing

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wound healing

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Wound healing
  1. 1. Hemostasis
    1. Platelets
      1. stick on injured site
        1. bind together for less blood loss
        2. Blood loss
          1. physical barrier compromised
            1. blood clot
              1. fibrin (protein)
                1. prevent blood from flowing
                  1. prevent bacteria from entering
                    1. prevents infection
                2. 2. Inflammation
                  1. damaged, dead cells cleared
                    1. White blood cells
                      1. Phagocytosis
                        1. Eat up bacteria and damaged tissues
                          1. kill and ingest pathogens
                        2. Vasodilation
                          1. blood vessels expand
                            1. white blood cells travel to wound site
                          2. 3. Proliferation
                            1. growth of new tissue
                              1. epidermal cells divide
                                1. dermis contracts to close wound
                                  1. reform outer layer of skin
                                  2. Collagen deposition
                                    1. fibroblast cells enter wound
                                      1. produce collagen
                                        1. form collective tissues to replace fibrin
                                      2. 4. Remodelling
                                        1. wound matures
                                          1. newly deposited collagen
                                            1. rearranged and converted into specific types
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