Was there opposition to the Nazis?


was there opposition to the Nazis?
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Was there opposition to the Nazis?
  1. Factors limiting opposition
    1. Fear
      1. The 'Terror State'
        1. Main opponents had been : killed, exiled or put in prison
          1. Resistance was treason
          2. Nazi successes
            1. Economic recovery well appreciated
              1. Some happy at bringing back 'traditional values'
                1. Success in foreign affairs-major power again
                2. Economic fears
                  1. Workers lost jobs if they opposed
                    1. Businesses that didn't contribute to the Nazi Party Fund risked losing Nazi business and going bankrupt
                    2. Propaganda
                      1. Germans only heard positives
                        1. Nazis seemed perfect
                          1. 'Hitler Myth' is an idea that Hitler presented a myth of his support which discouraged opposition
                        2. The opposition
                          1. The Church
                            1. 1933 concordat signed saying they wouldn't interfere in each other's business
                              1. Hitler tried to get all protestant churches to link up in 'Reich Church'
                                1. Catholic Bishop Galen criticised Nazis throughout 1930's. Had too strong support to silence
                                  1. Other protestant ministers opposed the Nazis but were silenced
                                  2. July Bomb plot-1944
                                    1. General Stauffenberg tried to kill hitler at a meeting but failed
                                      1. Hitler survived and killed 5000 innocents for revenge
                                    2. In 1936- over 1,000 anti-nazi groups at work. 1.5 million booklets
                                      1. 'White Rose' group in 1942 gave leaflet to everyone against Hitler but beheaded for high treason in 1943
                                        1. Opposition intensified as Nazis started losing the war
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