14 History-Nazi methods of control

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14 History-Nazi methods of control
1 Propaganda
1.1 Spreading particular ideas and veiws to try and control what people think
1.2 Nazi propaganda blamed the jews and communists for everything
1.3 Media
1.3.1 controlled radios and used films and posters
1.3.2 All artists, writers, journalists and musicians had to be registered to get there work approved.
1.4 Nazi's organised huge rallies of members to present an image of power and popularity.
1.5 Used the Berlin Olympics, 1936, as an opportunity for international publicity
1.5.1 The stadium was the largest in the world
1.5.2 News reports were controlled as was the filming
1.5.3 Anti-Jewish slogans were removed from the streets of Berlin This gave a positive veiw of Germany
2 Censorship
2.1 Censored books, newspapers and other material.
2.2 Those who published anti-Nazi material were at risk of execution
2.3 Used to encourage nationalism and hatred of Jews
2.3.1 German composers were praised but Jewish composers were banned
2.4 Cheap radios were manufactured so that familes could afford them
2.5 Films Hitler liked were only shown in the cinema and books not approved of the Nazi's were burnt
2.5.1 May 1933, 20,000 books were burnt in a huge bonfire
3 SS and Gestapo
3.1 SS began as a bodyguard for Hitler
3.1.1 It massively expanded under the control of Himmler in the 30's
3.1.2 Became the most important military group after the night of the long knives
3.2 Gestapo was the secret police
3.2.1 Heydrich was the Gestapo leader
3.2.2 They searched out opponents for the Nazi's
3.2.3 Had the powers to arrest and imprison
3.2.4 Used torture to extract information
3.3 Local wardens were employed to report disloyalty and many were arrested by the Gestapo as a result
4 Concentration Camps
4.1 Anyone arrested by the Gestapo could be held in "protective custody" in a concentration camp
4.2 They held political prisoners and anybody else considered dangerous to the Nazi's
4.2.1 They were run by SS guards They were trained to be ruthless and cruel
4.3 Some were later turned into death camps
4.4 Once the Nazi's had consolidated their power over the Germans there were less political prisoners.
5 Education
5.1 Controlled from the moment children started school so they learnt Nazi beliefs.
5.1.1 History-they were taught the Nazi version of the past e.g. That Germans had been "stabbed in the back" at the end of ww1 by German politicians who were influenced by the Jews
5.2 Boys were taught military skills
5.2.1 In PE they sometimes played war games with live ammunition.
5.3 Girls were taught housekeeping, cooking and how to be good mothers.
5.4 Older children were introduced a new subject - Eugenics
5.4.1 This was how to improve the German race through selective breeding
5.5 Jews were banned from teaching
5.5.1 Most teachers joined the Nazi Teachers Association and were trained in Nazi methods Children had to report teachers who didn't use Nazi methods
6 Catholic Church
6.1 Hitler had no respect for Christianity
6.2 He kept his veiws to himself because most of his supporters were catholic
6.2.1 He tried to appeal to both catholics and protestants
6.3 Hitler signed the Concordat with the pope but Hitler tried to unite the Protestant churches into one Reich Church
6.3.1 This caused some people to protest but they were sent to concentration camps

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