All my sons themes

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All my sons themes
  1. family
    1. The play shows the tension between families due to a single incident
      1. Shows what people do to protect their family (scandalise, blame, lie)
        1. Yet there is a breakdown in family, a new family is being created
        2. wealth
          1. Justice and Judgement
            1. Joe Keller takes no blame for the incident, he claims to have been sick that day.
              1. He receives no charges and continues his life with wealth and supported by his family.
              2. Steve Deever takes all blame from the incident
                1. He is sent to prison for life and is abandoned by his family
                2. Chris and Ann wish to marry but fear the judgements of their family
                3. Guilt and Blame
                  1. Joe
                    1. Puts the blame on Steve Deever
                      1. Feels guilty for causing the death of the pilots
                      2. Kate
                        1. Feels guilty for being a part of Joe's scandal
                        2. Larry
                          1. Feels guilty for his fathers scandal
                          2. George
                            1. Tries to persuade Joe to come clean and prove his fathers innocence
                            2. Ann
                              1. Has a sense of guilt for being with her ex's brother
                              2. Chris
                                1. Has a sense of guilt for being with his brothers ex
                              3. Morality and Ethics
                                1. Joe
                                  1. When his buissness was failing he shipped off faulty parts and blamed his partner
                                    1. He sacrifised someone else for the protection of his buissness, his wealth and his life
                                  2. Chris
                                    1. Does not question his father about the scandal
                                      1. This protects the relationship and his shares of the buissness
                                    2. Larry
                                      1. Goes to seek revenge/to convince Joe to come clean about his father
                                        1. Changes his mind on this when he discoveres that his sister is to marry chris in order to keep a stable relationship within the family
                                    3. courage
                                      1. Memory and the Past
                                        1. Lies and Deciet
                                          1. Joe
                                            1. Lies about his innocence of the scandal that killed 21 pilots
                                            2. Kate
                                              1. Lied for Joe saying he was ill
                                              2. Chris
                                                1. Lies to himself about the what his father done
                                                2. Neighborhood
                                                  1. Lies about Joe's scandal and his innocents to keep everything mutual
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