The Holocaust- before the war

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the holocaust before WW2

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The Holocaust- before the war
  1. 1933
    1. Law for the restoration of civil service- Jewish teachers and civil servants not allowed to work anymore
      1. Jews banned from public places
        1. Boycott of Jewish shops begins
        2. 1934
          1. Jews banned from studying law and medicine
          2. 1935
            1. Nüremberg Laws
              1. Jews denied citizenship
                1. Jews denied right to marry or be in a relationship with a german
              2. 1938
                1. A Jew killed a German in Paris and Nazis took it as an excuse
                  1. Kristallnacht--Goebbels instructed plain-clothes troopers ( so they were not directly related to Nazis) to attack Jewish synagogues and businesses but not violence or looting
                    1. 20,000 Jews sent to concentration camps
                      1. 91 Jews killed
                        1. 7,000 businesses and 177 synagogues smashed
                    2. 1936
                      1. Berlin Olympics
                        1. Pause in holocaust
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