Break from Rome 1529

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Jerry Abbott
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Break from Rome 1529
  1. Reasons
    1. Political
      1. Anticlericalism (Richard Hunne)
        1. Full control of England
        2. Personal
          1. Male Heir
            1. Catherine passed child bearing age
              1. Mary
                1. Anne Boleyn
                2. Religious
                  1. Anticlericalsim
                    1. Richard Hunne
                    2. Abuses in the church
                      1. Current marriage offends god
                      2. Economic
                        1. Financial Pressure on Pope
                          1. Tithe
                            1. money to the Pope
                            2. "Richest King in Christender"
                          2. The story
                            1. 1529:Reformation Parliament
                              1. pressure on the Pope
                              2. 1526:Henry contemplates annulment
                                1. 1527:Stalemate
                                  1. Campeggio hears Henrys case
                                    1. Pope would be Criticising previous Pope
                                    2. 1539: No Pope
                                      1. No Tithe
                                        1. Still Fiedi Defensor (defender of the faith)
                                    3. 1536:Dissolution of the monastries
                                      1. Henry needed money for war
                                        1. Could Sell the Land
                                        2. Supported the Pope
                                          1. Roman Catholic
                                          2. They were corrupt
                                            1. Brothels
                                              1. Chastity
                                                1. Celebacy
                                            2. Valor Ecclesiasticus
                                              1. review of the land the church owned
                                              2. Henry became wealthy
                                                1. Spent most of the money on war
                                              3. 1538-1539:Bible in Vernaular
                                                1. Start of full english religion
                                                  1. Uneducated people could understand
                                                    1. Makes protestantism appealing
                                                      1. Replaces latin as language of religion
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