Assessment of Henry VIII foreign policy

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Assessment of Henry VIII foreign policy
  1. Successes
    1. In 1511 the Holy League was signed against France which the Pope also signed as 'Henry was concerned that the treat from Italy came from France'- Pollard
      1. In 1513 the Victory at the Battle of the Spurs against France gained Tournai and Theouranne which symbolised Henrys renaissance kingship. They were not seen as permanent acquisitions but rather bargaining tools with France
        1. 1514 the Treaty of St Garmaine makes peace with France and England gets to keep Tournai and the French pension is renewed which is a success because England is bankrupt again like in 1485 so is in a vulnerable position
          1. In 1518 the Treaty of London is signed which was pioneered by Wolsey. England was the centre of international relations and England was not isolated
            1. The Field of the Cloth of Gold in 1520 highlighted Englands power, prestige and strength
              1. In 1513 the victory at the Battle of Flodden meant that James IV killed along with other nobles
                1. In 1521 the Treaty of Bruges is evidence of how Wolsey was able to conduct a flexible and reactive FP due to the fact that England was bankrupt
                  1. In 1526 the League of Cognac could be argued as a success because England financed it
                    1. Treaty of the More in 1525
                    2. Failures
                      1. His aims and ambitions were unrealistic and England was naieve to think that they could regain the crown of France
                        1. £1.4 million was spent in the period 1511-1525 and the security that Henry VII left had been blown which provoked a rebellion in response to the Amicable Grant
                          1. Diplomatic revolution in 1525 meant that he couldn't get the annulment for Henry as he had backed the wrong side
                            1. League of Cognac left England isolated
                              1. The treaty with France was useless after the death of Louis XII
                                1. The Treaty of London only lasted 18 months
                                  1. The sack of rome impacted the annulment
                                    1. Battle of Pavia doesn't happen due to Duke of Bourbon
                                      1. Amicable grant causes 10,000 to rebel
                                        1. The Field of the Cloth of Gold didn't achieve anything political
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