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curriculum vitae
  1. Who I am?
    1. Name: Cindy Bao
      1. Birthday: 4th July 1998
        1. Adress: Doctor Modrego Street, 17
          1. Nationality: Argentinian
            1. DNI: 46353612
              1. E-mail:
              2. My education
                1. 2025: Nursing degree University of Valencia, Valencia, (Spain)
                  1. 2018: Batxillerat, Speciality:scientist IES Badalona VII, Badalona (Spain)
                    1. 2015: Graduated in ESO SI Badalona, Badalona (Spain)
                    2. My work experience
                      1. 2025 - 2030: Nurse in the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu.
                      2. I can speak those languages
                        1. English
                          1. Catalan
                            1. Chinese
                              1. Spanish
                              2. More about me
                                1. I am a reliable and hard-working person.
                                  1. I like reading clasic novels and knowing other cultures.
                                    1. I apply for this job because I like helping others
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