Improving Patient Flow in Cardiology

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a schematic flow chart to explain factors associated with patient flow in cardiology

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Improving Patient Flow in Cardiology
  1. To avoid bottlenecks and blockages in the system due to increased demand on the service
    1. To have an empty bed when you need it
      1. Three approaches
        1. Limiting the demand on the service
          1. Secondary prevention (CR)
            1. Less non-elective re-admission (29-52% of MI patients are non-electively re-admitted)
              1. More beds available
            2. Primary Prevention
              1. Less need for admission
                1. More beds available
                  1. Better Flow
            3. Increasing Resources to accommodate more patients
              1. More beds created to accommodate increased demand
                1. More beds available
                  1. Better Flow
              2. Improving the utilization of current resources
                1. Continuous effort (Quality Improvement)
                  1. Adopting more efficient techniques
                    1. Example: Day case PCI and Staged PCI
                      1. Shorter hospital stay means more beds available
                        1. Better Flow
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