A View from the Bridge Important Quotations

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A View from the Bridge Important Quotations
  1. Justice
    1. Love and Lust
      1. Dreams, Hopes, Plans
        1. Men and Masculinity
          1. Eddie: "The guy ain't right."
            1. Eddie: "if you close the paper fast, you could blow him over"
              1. Eddie: "He looked so sweet there, like an angel- you could kiss him he was so sweet."
              2. Women and Femininity
                1. Eddie: "What's the high heels for, Garbo?"
                  1. Rodolfo: "You think i would carry on my back the rest of my life a woman i didn't love just to be an American"
                    1. Catherine: If I was a wife I would make a man happy instead of goin' at him all the time"
                    2. Respect and Reputation
                      1. Eddie: "I'm ashamed. Paper Doll they call him. Blondie now"
                        1. Marco: "That one! [Eddie] He killed my children! That one stole the food from my children"
                          1. Catherine: "He's a rat! He belongs in the sewer"
                          2. Epiphany
                            1. Catherine: "Eddie, I never meant to do nothing bad to you"
                              1. Eddie: "Then why - Oh, B..!"
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