Was the MBHP a total failure?

Tom Lea
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GCSE Old Germany GCSE NOT for Yr11 from 2017 onwards Mind Map on Was the MBHP a total failure?, created by Tom Lea on 10/10/2013.

Tom Lea
Created by Tom Lea about 6 years ago
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Was the MBHP a total failure?


  • Was when Hitler tries to take over the government using force.  It took place in Nov 1923
1 Yes
1.1 Hitler was arrested
1.1.1 Was sentenced to 5yrs in prison
1.2 He didn't seize full power
1.2.1 He had aimed to overthrow the govt.
1.2.2 Army and the police crushed the uprising 16 Nazis killed only three police
1.3 Hitler was naive
1.3.1 Hitler allows Kahr to leave
1.3.2 He truly believes he has Kahr's support


  • Hitler should have realised that Kahr would say anything in order not to be killed.  His support was not genuine
1.3.3 Only had 3000 troops - not enough to take power
1.3.4 Nazi Party was a small regional party - doesn't have sufficient support
1.4 Badly prepared
1.4.1 Hitler just assumed the army would support
1.4.2 rifles for the uprising arrive without firing pins - makes them useles
1.5 Hitler ran away
1.5.1 Makes him look like a coward
2 No
2.1 Prison Sentence
2.1.1 Spends his time in prison writing his book - Mein Kampf Gets his views known gains support becomes a best seller
2.1.2 Only sentenced to 5yrs - very short for his crime Only serves 9months HIs time in prison is easy Shows important people, like judges, like his views
2.2 Trial
2.2.1 Uses his trial to give speeches reported in national newspapers Turns the Nazi party into a national group Impressed people with his ability as a speaker Becomes seen as the natural leader of the extreme right
2.3 Makes Hitler realise he can't take power by force - Nazis change tactics after 1924
2.3.1 In 1924 elections Nazis win 32 seats
2.3.2 Ultimately Hitler will be elected Chancellor and gain total power

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