Christmas Carol. Characters Descriptions and Quotes

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Christmas Carol. Characters Descriptions and Quotes
  1. Scrooge.
    1. Description.
      1. Scrooge is the owner of a money lending bussiness that he had with his friend who died 7 years this very night. We then see that he has a clerk that works for him that he does not name as he is not relevent to him at this pointof the novel. we then see how he is so tight fisted that he will only use the smallest amount of coal to warm one room in his house and that when he see's theghost of Jacob Marley he beieves he is a part of undigested food. We then see how he beleves he isreal and that he is warned aabout the three ghosts that willhaunt him to change him. we then see how he changes througout the novel. Scroogechanges slightly all the way through and we only find out about the stores in the market and the name of his clerk (Bob Cratchit) as this is now relevent to him. He asks the ghost of christmas present why he sprinkles joy and good will over the cratchits as he does not understand the effect of it.
        1. We seethat Scrooge has changed over all when we see he has feelings for The Cratchits when he finds out about the illness of Tiny Tim and when he sees the graves at theend of chapter four and realises the nice one is Tiny Tim's as he is loved and thehorriable one is his as he is not loved. At the end we see him send gifts to the cratchits and gives him a pay raise to help with the illness and he goes to dinner with his nephew.
          1. "Bah!" said Scrooge, "Humbug!"
            1. "If they would rather die," said Scrooge, "they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population."
              1. Why to the poor most?
            2. Ghost of Christmas Present.
              1. Description.
                1. We first meet the ghost of christmas present in the third chapter when he makes scrooge find him in his house. We see that he has made the room that he is in a grand room that is decutared how he should do his bussiness. We then see that he takes scrooge to the Cratchits house and shows him what christmas is really about as he sprinkles good will and joy on the house as they need it the most as they are poor. we then see him at the end as he is dieing because the present passesaway. We then see two creatures appear which are supposed to be what makes up the evil in scrooge and is another way to make him change.
                  1. Girded around its middle was an antique scabbard but no sword in it.
                    1. Because it needs it most.
                  2. Ghost of Christmas Past.
                    1. Description.
                      1. The ghost of christmas past comes to scrooge in the second paragraph and shows him his childhood past. He collects scroogefrom his bedroom and firstly takes him back to school. We see how Scrooge is so happy at this and how he changes from happy to sad a single tier appears as we see everyone going home for christmas and he does not until his little sister takes him home one day. We then see how he isand how he shouldbehave as a boss when he was an apprentise at Fezziwig's. We see how he got them to clear the room and had a ball for christmas. This is to show scrooge how he should be and act towards his employe.
                        1. And what is that upon your upper cheek.
                          1. Would you so soon put out, with worldly hands, the light i give?
                            1. What is the matter
                          2. Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come,.
                            1. Description.
                              1. This is the last of the three spirits that haunt scrooge. We see that this ghost has no face of features this is because the future is ever changing. This ghost shows scrooge what will he dies. He will see that his clothes are stripped off his body and sold when he is dead as there is no one that cares about him. we then see the comparison between Tiny Tim's and Scrooge's graves. This shows us and scrooge what he has to do to change. We see how scrooge actually cares about what will happen to tiny tim and how he has finaly changed.
                                1. It gave no reply.
                              3. Bob Cratchit.
                                1. Description.
                                  1. Bob is the Clerkthat works for scrooge. We do not know his name at the beginingas he is not relevent to scroog. We see that scrooge is a horrible boss and that he keeps all of the coal in his office under lock and key so Bobhas to warm himself with the small candle in his room and his coat. We see that he is very poor but enjoys the goodwill and joy of christmas but, gets threatened with the sack when he agrres with Fred with the merry christmas and a happy new year heshouts at scrooge. We see that bob is a famly man and that he ran home to be with his family on christmas eve after persuading scrooge to let him have the day off. We see that he has a son called Tiny Tim that has rickets and badly. We see how the ghost of christmas present good will on their house as they need it most as they are poor.We also see an emotional side to him when hecomes back from church with tiny tim. Bob is used at the end to show us how scrooge has changed as he turns up late expecting the sack.
                                    1. But insead he recieves a pay rise and the christmas goose was provided by Scrooge.
                                      1. Oh a wonderful Pudding.
                                        1. The children, Christmas Day.
                                      2. Tiny Tim.
                                        1. Description.
                                          1. We first meet Tiny Time with the rest of the Cratchit family. We also find out that he has got rickets taht is caused by his bad diet that he can change people's lives and that he brings his dad bob to tears when they come back from church. We see that in the Ghost of Christmas yet to come part that he dies but his grave is lovely and green but, scrooge has not as this shows that scrooge's is horrible and Tiny Tim is not as he is nice and polite as this is why his grave is the same. We then see how his health changes at he gets a propper diet as scrooge gives them more money.
                                            1. God bless us every one.
                                          3. Fred
                                              1. I believe that it has done good me good and will do me good.
                                                1. So a merry christmas UNCLE.
                                                  1. Come dine with us tomorrow.
                                                  2. Description.
                                                    1. Fred is Scrooges nephew from his sister who has died. They do not get on as they are different. Scrooge is rich but hates christmas where Fred is different. We meet Fred in the office in the first chapter where he argues with his uncle about christmas and give's him an invite to the christmas dinner but he refuses. We then see him at the end when he welcomes Scrooge in when he comes after he has changed.
                                                  3. Jacob Marley
                                                    1. Description.
                                                      1. He is the first ghost that we meet during the novel. He was a bussiness pertner. He is tyhe ghost that turns up n scrooges house to alert him to the fact that he will be haunted by three ghosts before christmas day. He also shows scrooge if he does not change how he will have to live with big heavy chains. He is first thought to be a trick or an undigested piece of beef that would make him see things. He warns scrooge and scares him to change who he is before the night is out.
                                                        1. In life I was your partner.
                                                          1. I wear the chain forged in life.
                                                            1. I am ere tonight to warn you that you have yet a chance and hope of escaping my fate.
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