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  1. Data validation
    1. Checking for errors
      1. The computer checking data is:
        1. Sensible
          1. Within stated ranges
          2. Types of check
            1. Range checks
          3. Data Logging and weather forecasting
            1. Types
              1. Analogue sensors
                1. Digital sensors
                  1. Can convert analogue to digital
                  2. Weather forecasting
                    1. Data collected
                      1. Temperature / thermistor
                        1. Thermometer
                        2. Wind speed
                          1. Anemometer
                          2. Air pressure
                            1. Barometer
                            2. Air humidity
                              1. Hygrometer
                              2. Relative humidity
                                1. Wet and dry thermometers
                                2. Rainfall
                                  1. Rain gauge
                                  2. Wind direction
                                    1. Wind / weather vane
                                    2. Sunshine hours
                                      1. Sunshine recorder
                                3. Control systems
                                  1. Device control
                                    1. One piece of equipment controlling the operation of equipment by sending to it.
                                      1. Equipment is usually
                                    2. Personal communication systems
                                      1. Fibre optic cable
                                        1. Works by transmitting data as a series of pulses along a thin glass fibre. One bundle of fibres is used to send messages and a second bundle carries messages in the opposite direction
                                          1. Are good at transferring data because they are fast and do not suffer from interference like metal cables.
                                            1. Broadband
                                              1. Very high speed digital lines
                                              2. A router is a special piece of hardware which co-ordinates the switching of messages between the computers and the rest of the internet
                                                1. Broadband allows you to be on the phone whilst on the internet
                                                2. Wireless media / Radiowaves
                                                  1. Microwaves
                                                    1. Mobile phones use microwaves. Ideal for linking computers in two separate buildings fairly near each other. Satellite systems also make use of microwaves.
                                                    2. Infra-red
                                                      1. Short range communications
                                                        1. Key freatures are
                                                          1. Robustness
                                                            1. Low cost
                                                              1. Low power
                                                              2. Examples
                                                                1. Wireless mouse / Keyboard
                                                                  1. Link from a laptop computer to a printer
                                                                    1. Wireless hands free for mobile phones in cars
                                                                  2. Bluetooth
                                                                    1. Can only travel short distances and line of sight and this limits their use
                                                                      1. TV remote control
                                                                  3. Mobile phones
                                                                    1. Disadvantages
                                                                      1. Signal cannot be recieved
                                                                        1. Limit calls
                                                                          1. Low battery
                                                                            1. Low credits
                                                                            2. Microwave radiation that comes from the phone can affect health
                                                                              1. Users can build up large phone bills using internet service
                                                                                1. Can be a nuisance is they ring at inconvenient times
                                                                                  1. Can be an incentive for theft
                                                                                  2. Used for
                                                                                    1. Speaking to other people
                                                                                      1. Testing.
                                                                                        1. Short message service
                                                                                          1. SMS
                                                                                          2. Photo / Picture messaging
                                                                                            1. Other services
                                                                                              1. M commerce
                                                                                                1. GPRS
                                                                                                  1. Using Wireless Application Protocol systems
                                                                                                    1. Email
                                                                                                      1. Internet
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