Breast Cancer

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This tells you what it is, the type of breast cancer, the courses, the symptoms and the treatments.

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Breast Cancer
  1. what is breast cancer
    1. its a disease that cancer cells form in the tissues of the breast
      1. start when cells in the breast begin to divide and grow in an abnormal way that forms a lump
    2. invasive breast cancer
      1. cancer cells develop within the milk ducts and spread outside the ducts to the breast tissue
        1. this type of beast cancer may spread to other parts of the body
      2. Non-invasive breast cancer
        1. this is an early form of breast cancer, where the canser cells are inside the ducts
          1. not developed to spread through the breast and other parts of the body
        2. cause of breast cancer
          1. family history of breast cancer. previous diagnosis of breast cancer. Exposure to oestrogen and radiation
          2. symptoms of breast cancer
            1. a lump on the tissue on the breast. a change in the size or shape of one or both breast
              1. a lump or swelling in one or both armpit. a rash on or around the nipple. also pain in breast.
            2. impact of having breast cancer
              1. social impact
                1. isolation from family and friends. or can lead to strengthened the relationship
                  1. increased contact with health professionals and new friends through support groups
                  2. emotional impact
                    1. fear of treatment and anxiety over the development of the condition
                      1. anger, depression
                    2. intellectual impact
                      1. well informed about cancer prognosis
                        1. lack of concentration at work
                        2. physical impact
                          1. physical scars and risk of silicone reaction
                            1. permanently disfigured
                          2. diagnosis
                            1. mammogram
                              1. its an x-ray that's useful to find early changes in the breast. not helpful in young women under 35 as their breast tissue is very dense
                              2. breast ultrasound
                                1. using sound waves to make a picture of the breast that is not dense. ultrasound can also show weather the lump is colid or has fluid in it
                                2. a needle biopsy
                                  1. using a needle and taking a sample of cells to the laboratory test
                                3. treatment and management
                                  1. surgery
                                    1. lumpectomy
                                      1. its a surgery to remove just the area of cancer cells, leaving behind as much healthy breast tissue as possible
                                      2. mastectomy
                                        1. this is a surgery that removes the whole of the breast which is done if there is large lump or more than one of cancer in the breast
                                        2. breast reconstruction
                                          1. breast implant is done after the surgery or later
                                        3. chemotherapy
                                          1. to shrink a large tumour so that only part of the breast needs to be remover
                                            1. given before surgery
                                          2. radiotherapy
                                            1. it kills any remaining cells. it can be done by : using x-rays, liquid that is ether swallowed or injected
                                              1. given after surgery
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